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Just played it and it's so dang cute and so dang fun
but it was on mouse and keyboard. One bug I found
was when you holding pictures about to tear them 
and she chases after you and grabs it from you. 
The hand that held the picture will be stuck in the 
tear pose while the empty hand is free to move. 
The only way to fix this for me was to grab another 
picture and tear it then both hands go back to normal. I'll go play some more and see if I can find more bugs.

Thanks for the feedback. Will fix in future versions.

I think this is a great game it’s very well done way better than I can do (but that’s not saying much) I live a lone, have long days at work and that’s basically all I do is work I’m very thankful for vr it lets me go into a world that’s not my own and have fun doing what I want to do and not what others want me too. Anyways this game helped me with coping by myself (I’ve never had a girlfriend because I’m socially awkward but I’m not fat) I have not been in contact with my family for years I’m 19 and yeah you can call me a lolicon I really don’t care but for once in my life I feel helpful to someone even if it’s juat a program, vr is basically my life other than normal games and work but I am really thankful to the creator he is a nice and generous person and I thank him! On a different note I was reading some comments and someone was talking about an adult version of the character?! I was curious about it so if someone has info on it that would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time and reading my comment to the end have a great day.

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There are no plans to include an adult version of the character. But what is in store very soon is character customization with potentially multiple lolis. That will be formally announced in roughly 1 month after the sleeping behavior update.

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That’s great to hear that your putting customization into the game but when is the kitchen update due to release in a broad spectrum. Also fox ears remind me of senko the helpful fox especially when you give her the hat!


Sleeping is v0.5.5. Character customization is actually somewhat of a v0.5.999999 since it's not gonna be a true release. Kitchen is v0.6.
Sleeping is out in under 1 month. Character customization probably another half month. Hard dates yet to be announced.

Thank you for your reply’s and your dedication to the game I’m intrigued by what will become of this game have a nice day

Deleted 88 days ago

i used winzip universal 

Are you planning on releasing an APK-Version for the Oculus Quest?Would love to try it out!

I don't think so. Maybe. It would be more implementation overhead since it would have to be optimized for the Quest. If anything I would see if it works with streaming.

I really like that this is basically a free to try type thing but also that you're so invested in it. I feel like an a**hole for not paying right now, but I promise, I've got like 8USD atm and get paid this Friday and if I end up with the extra, I 100% will donate to the cause, probably multiple times. Hard times, lol, but thank you for bringing this to the table as a "name your price" asset. **I'll be back**

Don't worry about donating.

Too late, I already subbed :P

Downloaded and played about for an hour or so last night. A few things. I filled the  tub and she wouldn't get in, I dunno if that's user error or just a glitch. Another thing I found because I'm an asshole, I grabbed her hand and walked her to the tutorial area, noticed a spot I can jump out of the map and decided to walk off with her, which leads me to a critique and something I'd like to see added eventually, the ability to restart the entire scene or just spawn the player back in the tutorial area after some free fall time in game, because we were falling for some time, would have been forever if I didn't alt f4. Very  cute simulator and I look forward to the things to come, keep it up.

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Shit that must be a bug I have to patch tonight. Bathtub was working a subversion before. I'll patch again tonight.

How do you load the game through steam does anybody know (I have oculus btw)

I'm gonna assume you have to toggle Unknown Sources in the Oculus app and add the game to Steam by adding non steam game into library.


Dogshit graphics, its like you are using the oldest low effort MMD models you could find. On top of that not the actual Shinobu seyuu since you would be never be able to afford it, not related to Nishio Ishin either. 

You should be ashamed of creating such a blasphemy towards Shinobu/Kiss-Shot.

Can't wait to see it get fucked by Shaft or MVM.


You have problems, talking shit to someone when you can't do better. If you can't be nice then gtfo.


you are allowed to c ritique anythign you want, dude. Nobody in their right mind would expect you to be proficient in the field of what you're critiquing, otrherwise NOBODY would be a critic, anywhere. 

video game reviewers don't make games.

film reviewers don't make movies.

you sir, are an unbridled moron.

I haven't tried it yet to see if it works, but is there a possibility for support for the Windows Mixed Reality vr headsets?  Only VR headset i have :(

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idk how to switch to vr? it says error every time i load in? (im on oculus by the way

Load it in through Steam.

Load it through steam? How do you do that?

Launch Steam VR with your Oculus then try running the game. Make sure you download the latest v0.5.0.3.

This is amazing!

Just came to say that you are a blessed person with godlike taste. You have my admiration and respect for sharing your work. Good luck with your project and keep it up

I'm a little stuck on trying to download Shinobu can anyone help me? tried downloading it on itch but it's saying "No compatible uploads were found for this title."

Try downloading from the patreon front page.

Hey just a quick question:

Do you plan to make it ready for windows too? Because according to itch it's not available on windows.

Nevermind... I am stupid lol

how did you get it to work?

just go and download it through the internet instead of the app

I just got the index controllers and it seems the legacy support for the grab button doesn't work in this game for whatever reason, so I'm not able to grab objects with the index controllers.

Not sure if this is something I should mess with in steamVR or if it's something on your end.


Is this useable without VR headset? ;u;

I dont know if im doing it wrong or if its happened to anyone else but after I finish bathing her, giving her the towel, and leaving and closing the door, once I walk back into the bathroom, she is changed, but she is stuck in the bathtub. I gesture for her to come here but its no use. I have to close and re-open the game for her to become unstuck and leave i'm forced to do the bathroom task last. 

That was a bug reintroduced in v0.5.0.2. I am pushing out a bugfix tomorrow. However you can use the "RESPAWN SHINOBU" option in the Pause menu for now.


Dude... Isn't that a bit wrong? It looks fun ngl but making a VR game of being alone with an anime child, I mean what could possibly go wrong?

Srsly tho, look at the comments on "Bathe your own loli!". At the very least, please don't side-track this project into a pornographic VR experience. Please monitor the inevitable mods that will come out. If the intentions of the game is to cheer up people then by all means, go for it! I think you catch my drift.

Deleted 3 years ago

I have no idea who that character is but come on, that hundred yo stereotype on "lolis" is just eyecandy for pedos who want to feel good about themselves. Legal does not mean something's morally good. Japan is still stuck with pedophiles because CP was legal at the time. Those guys who liked that stuff are still very alive and well, trying to get their fix through anime and idols.  I get where you're coming from but it's encouraging something creepy between the lines.

Sorry for sounding like a soccer mom lmao


Ouch, I think you got it the other way around friend.

You see, both legal and moral are subjective.

If we are talking facts, hentai helps reduce child abuse. Sorry to break it to you, but things are not as they seem.


that's some sad defense there. It's a kid. NO SHE'S AN 8,000 YEAR OILD DRAGON SHES NOT EVEN HUMAN!

she looks human, it's a kid. shut the fuck up, lol. you sound like a pedo apologist, for fuck's sake.


You sound extremely insecure and afraid. Take a hike.


If that's how you roll that's how you roll. Being called insecure and afraid is pretty rich coming from some horny lolicon dude.


and you made a game where you featured a video   on youtube called " bathe your own loli! " 

You should be on a watch list ^^b

Maybe not be such a prick to ppl that maybe support your " game " on Patreon. 

Do you people actually think these are real children...?


"Dude... Isn't that a bit wrong? It looks fun ngl but people making all sorts of media with violence throughout the history of mankind, I mean what could possibly go wrong?"

Learn to separate fiction from reality.

Hey man, love the game but I found a bug in the bathroom.

I was pretty close to the wall with the towel and when I grabbed it i got stuck inside the wall ind kinda glitched into the main room.

Cool thanks for the report I'll look into it.

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Im having a hard time trying to run the game, no matter what i do it just opens the files but not runs the game. So even though it may sound dumb to you how to you get the game to run? thank you

are you using occulus or vive?

i have been on this page everyday waiting for the update i make games as well and have been highly interested in this project and was wondering if we can have an eta on the next update or if we could talk about further development you can email me at

Sorry if I'm kinda new to this whole scene of non-steam vr games. What program do you use to run this game properly?

its a standalone game you dont need anything.

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If you are using an Oculus, all you need is to have is the Oculus software, then open the game. If you have a Non-Oculus headset (Vive, Index, etc..), you need to open steamvr, and then open the game.

Can you play this sitting down?

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Eehhh kinda.

are you planing other girl models?  it would be so cool :D

no but maybe character customization.

0oh god! that costumization is so cool! thank you for all the work done! :)

but i have one more question:  will this game be released in steam?

ps: hello from russia, and sorry for my bad english.

i use a translator ;)

Hi SgtHale, I am making a short video documentary about waifus and the future of moe and I was wondering if we could put a short clip from your marriage to Oshino Shinobu in the video? Sorrrry I am new to itch but did not know how else to contact you! If there's a better way to contact you I can give you more details if you like! Thank you!!

Lol sure why not.

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Yay thank you! Is there a way I can email you?

Mine us public already.

how do i download this step by step?

There's a button right there to download it. It's a free game so just click "No thanks just take me to the download'

I literally just ordered a Rift S and then found out about this. What luck.
With that said, will there be Rift S support?

Pretty sure Rift S support is backwards compatible.

wish i had a vr :(

You can play it with Keyboard and Mouse


can we do sexual stuff or is this planned?

No sorry lol but there will be bathing. She is censored with minimal bubbles.


dont lewd the loli :(

Hello, i have an a problem. When i press shift and i have an object, the object doesnt fall

The only solution that i have is giving it to shinobu and make her angry.

Thanks for reading

Hey. To drop an object, you hold Shift and then either mouse right/left to drop it. It's not just the shift key.

Thank you!, worked but also i found a bug.

when you do a photo and save the game, then open it again and shinobu find the photo, she breaks it and turns mad. (it doesnt matter if the photo is about the floor or the wall, ect)


I have been following this project for at least 3 weeks now, and I'm excited to see this completed. I have played the demos both using keyboard and mouse and using the Vive.

It's either the player is too short or Shinobu is too tall. I'm pretty short at 158cm, but I know I'm not shorter than her loli form. Also, her skirt glitches after moving a lot. Restricting its sway might be a fix. As for interactions, it would be nice if she had an attention span so she won't be amazed at her picture the whole time. Waving using the Vive isn't working, but I'm guessing it's not yet implemented.

Overall, this is stable and well-done. Keep it up!


Thanks. Are you saying you are short in VR mode? Her skirt is pretty glitchy indeed but it resets if you look away. Attention span is in the works I totally agree. Waving does work but for right hand only. It's also not a big wave. It's a short shake.

Yeah I was too short while in VR mode. The play area I have set is the minimum at around 2m x 1.5m.

There are a few problems that I have right off the bat when I started the game, and I think these are things that could be easily solved so I'm in no particular concern (these are with Oculus Touch controls in mind):

  • When playing in VR, you cannot interact with the options menu at all.
  • There are wholly no options to mess around with. There's no Snap or Smooth turning. There is no Head or Hand prioritized movement. This is an issue because if I move up, the movement is locked on that axis until I stop moving.
  • The player character moves too slow, and sprinting requires holding down the Analog Stick. There is no option to change to a Toggle feature.

Aside from those, the Shinobu AI is probably some of the best I've seen in any VR game, hands down. I love the way she interacts with you and how she will dislike something if you do it too much (Ex. Headpatting her, she'll enjoy but after a while she'll jerk back.)

The music choice is nice and peaceful, very summery, especially considering the setting of the game which leads me to my next point:

The map is beautiful to look at, even though it's small. It's a nice experience that isn't too claustrophobic, and really roomy. Really sets the Mexican vibe with the cacti though, that's a nice little touch there.

All in all, I really enjoy the game, and I absolutely look forward to your updates! There's a lot of potential with the AI here, and I love the experiences of playing around with a virtual buddy.


Thanks for the feedback! The problem is that it was designed only for Vive as it's the only headset that I have. However there is support for Oculus it's just that the control scheme is a bit clunky from lack of being able to test it at the same time. You can rotate camera and navigate the menu by PRESSING the thumbstick while holding it in the direction you wish to go (left and right with either right/left control for rotation) (up or down for menu navigation). What do you mean head or hand prioritize movement? As in when you hold forward your head cannot change the direction of it? That was an intended behavior but I can probably add a setting to change it later. I agree with the thumbstick to run. Will add a setting later. Thanks again I'm going to add a read me to the project download to address these unknowns for now until I patch it.


Quite the motivator to get a pc that can run vr, along with getting a vr set to play this~

Quite the motivator to get a pc that can run vr, along with getting a vr set to play this~

Damn, how did this fly under my radar? Anyways, great stuff. Glad to see fellow Shinobu lovers out here.

While I can't play in VR for the proper experience, I do like the idea you have going on with the interactive AI character. Plus, it's adorable, and that's always a plus for games like this.

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*Looks under skirt* FBI OPEN UP

Well done tho. (I was thinking can you play this without vr.)

Yeah there is keyboard+mouse support but it wouldn't be the same experience.

I'm not into these types of games, but I have to say the character animations in this are way better than in most AAA-games funded by big studios.

Oh fuck


This is the most advanced loli simulator on

Lol thanks.

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