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Q: Why are the game versions so different? Which one do I pick?

A: The game started out very small and originally intended to be only featuring Shinobu. However due to legal and creative decisions, the game was changed to support multiple characters, physics, and full mod support. This means that versions 0.75 and below are the old Shinobu versions. v0.8 was a rushed experimental version to feature physics and multiple characters. v0.9 and above are the OFFICIAL game versions going forward. Features from older releases will make it into v0.9 as time progresses (or you can make them yourself with C# mod support!). Trailer for v0.9 to come out soon.

Q: What is the official name of the game today?

A: We are no longer Shinobu Project or Viva Project. It's just Viva now.


The bag works only in keyboard mode (for now till I return to vacation sorry lol). Once you have it on your shoulder press E to enter its inventory.

This is an advanced AI simulation that can interact and respond to many of your actions in a dynamic way through inverse kinematics, complex behaviors, and currently over 200 animations.  In short, this is a tamagochi on steroids. v0.9 just came out 10/25/21! Visit the [DISCORD] to download custom clothing and characters! Subscribe to the YouTube channel for updates.


You can get access to in depth technical information, modeling, animation, and programming blogs!


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(Old) Shinobu_Project_WIN64_v0_4_3_2.rar 193 MB
(OLD) Shinobu_Project_WIN64_v0_5_0_4.zip 305 MB
(Old) Viva Project v0.55.3.rar 277 MB
(Old) Viva Project v0.6.3.rar 358 MB
(recommended) Viva Project v0.75.3.rar 577 MB
(not recommended) Viva Project v0.8.03.rar 702 MB
(DISCONTINUED) Viva Project 0.9.3.rar 644 MB

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Hey, I have been seeing these advertisements on ifunny of a mobile game called "life with Nin" and it uses footage of your game, and on the app store it looks like an almost identical copy of your game. Are you aware of this?

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i launched steam vr and streaming assistant (thingy for pico 4 vr) then launched game and nothing..... did i did someothing wrong? but what? i did like it should be.... steam vr, streaming assistant, launched game. WHAT WRONG HELP ME

I also thought about this issue, eventually switched to Virtual Desktop and everything works


What versions can you pick up the Lolli

played the mobile version of this

what game is it? name pls

it called "Viva project"


in case people dont know, this aint being worked on anymore. they stopped working on it. but someone else is working on it and its renamed to openviva. 

u suure?


the game is cool, but I really ask you to make it for oculus quest. In apk format


that would be the absolute worst thing the devs can do. do people just not realize how much EVERYTHING has to get dumbed  down ruining the game and experience for everyone just to make it essentially a mobile phone app. people need to stop being so stupid and clueless by asking devs to destroy their code for a standalone apk


Did the owner got assassinated?

of course not


will you ever put this into app lab so it`s easier to play it on the quest 1 and 2 for to play right on the system 

I don't know if this bug is fixed or not but, when i download the new version of this game I see a loli without a head so I thought it might be a bug or a weird glitch so i checked in the old game, it was even worse, I couldn't see they're body all I saw was their skirt. If you know how to fix this please let me know I don't know if its the amount of lag on my device.


It's a shame, why do the most original and innovative games always end up archived and discontinued?


Will it be on android?

Ok, I heard about some kind of spa day project. Where do I download it?


you can made a update when we can spawn 2 or more lolis? please i want it so much.


there's already a version that allows that. Check out v0.8


Literally just created a account for this, but do you know or does anybody know, a game similar to this but like, boy version? Like instead of the girl models they're boys 馃樁 If anybody knows please do tell 馃槶馃槶馃槶

There's no game that has boy characters instead of girls


you can download the cards for astolfo and hacka doll 3 here


they near the bottom


Why do they giggle when i stab them


because she want麓s to die 馃槈



wait.. what? no馃槼 馃槀

why when i put mouse sensivity to maximum i still rotate very slow?

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it outdated the newest version is here https://github.com/OpenViva/OpenViva/releases/

I don't know how to break the photo. Please tell me the general operation.

Are you going to put this game on quest 2 

I am willing to financially support this game as it seems one of a kind. This is the same for any other 'hentai' related game. Reach out to me when I can fund you! I wonder why people wont release to android systems. Being a game developer myself I know that Unity provides a one button function to do that.


fucking 2 gb ram also wait hentai?

i dounwloaded the 0.9.3 since it was the last one, but its discontinued, where you guys will post the newer versions (i saw the project is in new hands now, hope you guys can keep this amazing work alive)

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is that original or from a fan?

the original game died it the new ver of the game it the one everyone use

wtf happened with the image

Its so precious! I want to play it all day, we need more lolis, maps and games to play with them, but its amazing! Please keep the good work!



-Sumo match in this game) so you can duel them!

I was thinking about the sims mechanics so they could be more free and full of things to do,i would love to just watch my lolis playing around all day





I want this


1: sumo match on anime girls (viva)

2:boxing match?!? idk if possible

no i dont wanna beat up my loli she already hates me for always throwing her in the water.


Can you create a Mobile version of viva project?

bro what.


Is there a way to teleport around the map? I always spawn at the spa but the house is on the other side of the map


Someone make a gun mod so I can shoot the anime retard

i agree if he on the anime retard list


Please make it compatible with standalone quest 1 and 2

What is the best version to play? I tried 0.7, but I couldnt pick them up and throw them around like in the videos I saw lol. Also why are my ingame hands at my irl fingertips?


when can you fuck them bruh


I just started following the project, i feel betrayed

F :,)


Goodbye Viva, You had a good run

Deleted 1 year ago

dev said they are quitting the production of the game.

Deleted 1 year ago

nvm they gave it too new developers. Game probably still gonna get updates

Deleted 1 year ago
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on this web? nvm im stupid asf i already downloaded the 0.1 but i just found it on this web and i was confused when it was on 0.9 but now ik ;-;

como joga?

ima need this for the quest2 on sidequest standalone

How much would it cost in $ to make this grow quickly? Because I want to support this, but I still don't have any method for paying. lol


by hes patreon, you can donate up to 7$


Today he announced he's done with the project, so... oof.

yeah, but hey, at least he's gonna make more games haha

And, is there anyone who would be able to continue with this project? Does the creator want to not be finished this game?

He said he released the source, but I saw no links to repositories or tarballs

i think i would love the game but im not able to play it atm i have an issue with the input manager in the launcher of o.7.5 i think.

i cant change it back to whatever controller bind it was i can only put keyboard input in so now im unable to grab the book in which you save is there something i can try?

i tried reinstalling already and somehow i get the same input settings back

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