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Not really sure what the issue is. But whenever I launch the game the vision is weird. feels like I'm cross-eyed and don't know how to fix it. Any suggestions?


boy what the fuck

I can't download the new versions only the first ones

how can i access the sound files on 0.8? I want to modify it but can't find it anywhere.










I wish this game will support VRoidHub or VRM model data.

Is there a place where I can get character cards for version 9?


I’m playing on Oculus Quest 2 and I can’t fix the controls, steam vr won’t load the controls so I can edit them.

You should use old steam vr control ui. Then many control settings will appear.


how do you do that?

Is there a way to play on Oculus Quest 2? Tried via air link, but camera won't move and hands are broken

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Yo, yeah it works on the Quest 2 - that's what a play it on.
(I have only tested the .8 version on this however I imagine the others would work along with the same concept.)

-  I have a link cable though so that might possibly be your problem

The other issues I encounter are usually solved by first opening the game on the computer, calibrating/connecting the keybinds with the controllers (shown above this comment section), and then needing to switch to vr mode in the book found by hitting esc.

As I likely won't be back here to reply, I wish you luck and hope this helped a bit :D

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Thank you :)

Looks like what I did wrong was forcefuly adding and trying to open it directly from oculus library, instead of swithing modes on PC.

Had to recalibrate controlers in-game, now it works ok, now I only need to figure out how to open menu without switching to keyboard.


what year game was maked

I can not understand why the buttons do not work, I use acer WMX. tried to configure through Steam but did not understand anything.Sorry i'm dumb

(0.9.08.rar) hands physic so strange, but map is normal

is this for quest too or no

it is you only have to change they controller bindings

sorry if my english is not good. I download this after see a video of it but in the game i can't carry the girl like the guy did

you can carry girls only in v0.8-0.8.1

ok thx


please and yes I'm begging make this an apk file pleeeeeaaaasse i need it on my quest milliseconds from now so beg of you plleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaasse 

Is this Oculus only? By the way I saw youtubers play and I wanted to try for mine so, any possible way to do it without Oculus?


The game is for PC, meaning there's no apk available for Oculus, only an exe for HTC Vive/SteamVR etc

Game for PC, VR, Mobiles(Fan version).


Do I understand correctly that this game only works on Windows, or is there a current Linux version? Because it seems it was available for Linux in the past.

only v0.1 like 3 years ago. So no. Only windows for now. But that could change.

you can try running through proton but it may have weird bugs.


"Set in Mexico"
Say no more, I'm in

Hey could you make the game installable through the launcher again?

I know I can do it manually but it would be nice to being able to update the game without extracting and moving around the files

I got lost in the sauce because of this game...

Can I play non vr?

broken to hell n back, cant play

Play the older version v0.75. v0.9 is still WIP

i meant for both at the time -_-

0.75 had an issue where i couldnt get the controlls to rebind right and 0.9 was obviously bugged out


bro i already paid a damn dollar for the damn game... and it wont let me download it


the game is free you just need to click "no thanks, take me to the download page."


Homie took the biggest L of his entire life

The only problem I have is navigating/walking on the quest 2.
The analog sticks doesn't seem to work.
It looks great tho!

Thank you for your amazing work ^^


I hope that the developers will never slack forward but next year can you release this game to the Android platform?

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why can i only instal 2 versions

someone pls help because i really want to play the newer versions

(edit)nvm im just stupid theres only 2 windows versions and im on windows but please make a windows newer version pleaseeeeee  this game is really cool


I just released v0.9.05 and you should all see a large improvement in controls and physics handling. Lots of bugfixes as well.

Desktop mode only? When I click play in VR it doesn't do anything :c

What headset are you playing?

htc vive

I just added support for HTC Vive controllers. Try again.

The controllers work now but it won't display to my headset. I'm not sure what the problem is but I'm gonna try to fix it B)


vr only?

the game doesn't load all the other versions load perfectly, this one doesn't load and crash my pc

Oigan tengo un problema no me dega descargar el juego me dice prohibido en media descarga


What happened to this game? I don't mean to be negative, but v0.9 feels like an early demo. The onsen is a nice change of scenery, but the original Mexican farmhouse was way better. The controls are all over the place, and the weird zombie arms that always stick out in front of you feel so unnatural. There's 0 deadzone and no way to change it, so your character is constantly stumbling around in every direction, which makes interacting with things even harder when combined with the awkward arms.

I hate to say it, but the game has become completely unplayable and it's a damn shame.

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I agree. Try out the latest patch. v0.9 was rushed due to a vacation and I'm the only dev. It was a hard decision but it was done to accommodate physics and mod support. Overall it was a setback but it allows us to have a higher ceiling of features, so I rolled with it. Also legal issues with Shinobu....
The mexican farmhouse will return.


Try Making a APK so oculus players can install without need of a powerful computer, if not possible it's fine

i cant play the new version

por que no puedo jugar la ultima version, me sale una pequeña pantalla de carga con el simbolo de juego y un signo de error y se cierra,  juego en teclado

So I can get the game to launch for mouse & keyboard, but I'm trying to get it to launch for VR.  I load into SteamVR Home and launch the game through steam but it still won't take the call :(

I just figured it out. You have to hit Tab to bring up the menu in game and then switch to VR mode. It's really unintuitive. But to be honest, the latest update has taken the game in the completely wrong direction, and it's just not worth playing in its current state. You'll get frustrated and quit within seconds of loading it.

hey the newest download doesn't seem to want to launch, i get as far as the logo then a separate unity window opens and then everything crashes.

how do i spawn the creature??? ive looked everywhere on the onsen map and i cant even spawn the loli


"the creature" lmaoo


Just played the game and now my body is confused...

Yay, mental suffering

Nevermind, I am not suffering, I'm laughing.

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