v0.9 Release!


This is a ground up re-implementation of Viva Project (There is no longer "project" in our name) branching off from v0.8. Originally this game was meant to feature only Shinobu (around 2017) but legal and creative decisions lead to implementing character support. Major features like physics and mod support caused issues so late into the game so a full reimplementation was needed. This is that reimplementation. Older features will be added back in as time progresses. Also mod support allows for community made behaviors/mods!


The bag works only in keyboard mode (for now till I return to vacation sorry lol). Once you have it on your shoulder press E to enter its inventory.

Patrons can use the launcher to download the game or visit https://shinobuproject.itch.io/game I'll be on high alert for disastrous bugfixes in case I need to release a hotfix.

Local changelog:

  • Fixed VR causing nauseating dragging and double movement
  • Characters now sleep through the night
  • All items cannot be spawned in now unless you are in edit mode (dont cheat!)
  • Added strawberry, peach, and cantaloupe flavored pastries
  • Added more yummy and annoyed animations
  • Expanded map by a bit
  • Stars are now visible at night
  • Ambient sounds are now back
  • Added UI sounds
  • Player character model is now a man in a suit
  • Optimized controller to real hand positions


Viva 0.9.rar 424 MB
Oct 26, 2021

Get Viva (v0.9 Re-release on 3/27/22!)

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Still can't install the game via itch launcher...

No more Shinobu? -_- I only waited for her.

Deleted 1 year ago

Now i got no clue how to launch it in vr

Finally, I've been waiting so long for the new version, it's been six months or more and you've finally released a new version, thank you.