Big Bugfix/Patch #3 is out

Big Bugpatch #3 is out

Gameplay changes

  • Added hugging (VR and keyboard)
  • Fixed cooking putting stuff in bag while cooking
  • Improved pickup animation and robustness
  • Added more emotion curves to remaining animations
  • Jiggle bones can now be interacted with your hand in VR (tails, hair, etc. if the character has any)
  • Optimized ground sampling
  • Improved physics to armature pinning
  • Fixed bug with VR opening menu after giving command
  • Fixed characters not floating on water
  • Fixed cooking and assembleItem calls
  • Smoothed out body rotations for NPCs

API changes

  • Added character proximity callbacks
  • Added full cloth physics to character importing (Tutorial soon)
  • Imported shapes now automatically calculate axis (capsules, cylinders, etc.)
  • Cloth physics now has LODs and resets when out of camera view
  • Renamed various C# calls for simplicity

Downloadable via or the viva launcher!  Check out the Discord for 2 downloadable character mods!

Now I'm going back to adding more features and less bug fixes (but still some if need be). The next feature (Supporters on Patreon only) will be an experimental Quest version. To be attempted and released near the end of this month! v0.9 trailer MIGHT be released before 2022, I need to check my schedule. Stay tuned!


(experimental) Viva Project 0.9.09.rar 438 MB
Dec 20, 2021

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