The last Viva update is out

This is an addendum to the previously released v0.9 version. I managed to fix a bunch of bugs and also smooth out some gameplay. I added some new features such as playing with a ball, chicken cooking, basic construction, and feeding strawberries. However, with this release I have decided to end Viva today.

Since 2017 I had a vision with Shinobu at the height of my waifudom: To create a small game without a linear end where you can just kinda hang out with a character and merely simulate living with an anime character. I believe I achieved that thoroughly and many people (including myself) feel that the project peaked at around v0.75. It was truly a lot of fun, infinitely educational, and novel in terms of implementation.

As my ambition grew, so did the requests of people; custom characters, custom clothing, custom items, etc.. With that, the project grew in complexity. It became difficult to maintain as a single developer and thus I decided to merely release it with an open ending (mod support), before closing the project.

Retrospectively, Viva offered a lot of people a companion. Waifus represent the internal needs of a person, especially in this generation. And even though I was able to partially satiate some of those feelings for many people, Viva was meant to be a temporary escape, an enjoyable teaser for a true destination.

How many people enjoyed Viva from 2017 to 2022? Analytics say 400,000 Downloads. We also produced roughly 58 custom characters (split amongst different versions) and ENDLESS custom clothing cards.

So for all the support that pushed the project to reach this far, I want to say Thank you. There are a few people in here who have been with the project since the very start, you know who you are (RIP 8chan). I truly had a lot of fun developing this game and as usual, it is amazing reaching popularity. There truly is a need for character driven interaction based games.

The project will be maintained for a couple more weeks for any potential disastrous gameplay bugs and glitches. I will be moving on to different game related projects and will be formatting my Patreon to reflect new projects. Working on the scary easter egg of v0.8 made me realized I had an affinity for horror themed games so if you like horror games, stay tuned.

Lastly, I want to use these final moments to say: Reach new platforms. Right now we are in a resurgence of technological opportunity, branch out to new technologies to learn about related projects that you won't find on here or YouTube anymore. The internet is changing! Suggestions: (Rumble, Odyssey, SubscribeStar, etc.)

If you are a developer and wish to gain access to the source code of v0.9 or v0.75, contact me in the Discord.



(DISCONTINUED) Viva Project 0.9.3.rar 644 MB
Mar 27, 2022

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we love you! thank you so much! you literally invented an entirely new genre of interactive experience and started many others on the same path. the DNA of your game is now in dozens of new waifu experiences currently in development!!! thank you for your incredible contribution to the waifu industry!!

Given that this is going to be discontinued, would you release the remaining sources and assets under MIT or GPL? Even behind a compensation we would appreciate it a lot!

OpenViva already did this

Another great project lost... How long will this last? The corruption/discontinue of great outcoming things? All new good things gets corrupted with bad community, or discontinued. Internet is a heartbreaking place.

b0ss, thanks for your hard work and dedication through the years. Just as you pointed out, alt-tech's importance to the future of the net, alt-waifu is important for weebs to continue existing. In a landscape where people trying to push the boundaries of waifu technology, like Kenichiro Takaki, are getting their projects shutdown and defunded, it takes independent devs who have a passion for their work to move us into a better waifu filled future. People like you are saving weebs from a life of buying PNGs. So I salute you o7. Good luck on your future projects!

Thanks for all your work, This will not be forgotten😌

How can I call you on discord?

I'm an indie developer and would love to have the source code for study, and maybe I can develop something based on it.

You have truly made something amazing, this entire project and the community around it gave me so many good memories. I'm glad to hear that you feel like your job here is done and I can't wait to see what your next project is all about. I am a huge horror game fan and I'm very excited to see your take on the genre. Good luck! 

End of an era


I am a Chinese player. This review was written by me using Google Translate, so please understand that it may look strange or grammatically wrong.

A few months ago, I swiped a video about Viva Project on my phone for the first time, and I thought this game must be paid for, because it was well-made just by looking at it, so I continued to pay attention to the video about this game. . As a result, I learned in the comments of another video that such a great game is free. I was so excited that I downloaded the game right away. To be honest, I don't think this game really loses to the simulation games of those big manufacturers. The playability of this game far exceeded my expectations. I immediately recommended this game to a few of my friends and they said it 'opened the door to a new world'. It can be seen that although this game is not very popular, it is really a great game.

However, this morning I saw the release of version 0.9 and downloaded it, only to find that there was only one pillar, and I thought it was strange, and then I saw the post about stopping the production of the Viva Project. I feel very disappointed. Although I don't know what happened, I think it would be a pity for all players who have played this game to let such a game stop like this.

Although it is selfish to say this, I really want to see the continuous update of Viva, so that players around the world can see this excellent game.

So, if you can, please rethink what you stopped developing and keep updating this game that has brought me so much joy.