Big Bugfix/Patch #2 is out


  • Fixed creation tab saying Item creation instead of Character creation
  • Fixed UI not returning to character selection screen
  • Added better Character creation tab
  • flour can now physically fall out of the container (mortar, bowl) if tipped over
  • Characters holding spillable containers now keep those items held upright whenever possible
  • Optimized animation curve parameter sampling
  • Improved hand grabbing accuracy
  • Physics grabbing in keyboard mode is now more robust with pre-emptive grab animation
  • Grabbing in keyboard mode is now on click instead of mouse down
  • Keyboard mode item selection for grabbing is now way more accurate and intuitive
  • Keyboard mode can now crouch with Left Ctrnl
  • VR Calibration is now more accurate
  • VR Calibration now properly resizes your hands
  • VR Movement is now less delicate for smaller movements
  • Fixed physics glitch causing player to erratically explode
  • VR rotation is now instant and without physics lag
  • Added hint whenever you pick up two compatible items to combine (mortar and wheat, mortar and pestle, bowl and mortar flour, etc.)
  • Fixed occasional audio glitch with deep voices

If you want to know how to bake in VR, make a character show you by copying what she does when she makes a pastry.

At this rate, v0.9 will need one last big bug patch to call it an even stable platform. I appreciate everyone's patience. I too would like to see returning to adding features. I have many features planned. Big bugfix/patch #3 should make it possible to record something worthwhile to show off everything. A LOT has been done in the past year for v0.9.


(experimental) Viva Project 0.9.08.rar 438 MB
Dec 04, 2021

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how do you get egg

Did this fix the oculus Q2 movement issue?

I'm not downloading this on celluar again just to not work.

not hating or something I just don't have a wifi connection.

What Quest 2 movement issue? The rotation was fixed. Can you be more specific?


I couldn't move just rotate.